Dear Partners:

NG Tech is an ambitious startup in China and providing localized and customized blockchain,big data,machine learning and deep learning technologies and solutions to solve big data problems for our local China customers.If you are interested in partnering with us to jointly explore the huge opportunities of China big data and artificial intelligence markets,you are welcomed to contact us now!

About us

Beijing New Generation Technologies Company,Limited(i.e., NG Tech) is focusing on blockchain/big data(i.e.,BD) and artificial intelligence(i.e.,AI) technologies and providing blockchain/BD and AI solutions and related applications development, customization and optimization services. Our vision is that blockchain/BD and AI will be everywhere. Our team has accumulated a lot of experience on Embedded Device, Telecom, Internet of Things, (Mobile) Internet, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, BD and AI and a lot of work experience at Motorola and Ericsson,etc. NG Tech completely digests and fully makes use of western advanced technologies and is developing our own end-to-end solutions for several China markets. We are customer-oriented and building complete blockchain/BD and AI ecosystem by connecting people and things via Internet,driving with blockchain/BD and serving with smart clouds. NG Tech is providing advanced solutions based on Internet of People and Things, Blockchain, BD and AI,etc. technologies and focusing on Internet, Internet of Things, Telecom, Health and Finance,etc. industries. NG Tech is cooperating with partners within and outside of China and jointly driving blockchain/BD and AI commercialization in China. NG Tech is founded in June,2016 and has experts and consultants from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and USA. NG Tech wants to be a leader on blockchain/BD and AI and let blockchain/BD and AI be everywhere and benifit a lot of industries in China.

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